What is up with the Q on the end of MagQ?  For almost every child, they can remember when they read The Diary of Anne Frank.  If you recollect, there were times when her family would spell her name differently, including with a Q.  Well my friend’s and my odd senses of humor thought it would be funny to put the silent q on my name.  So I did and it stuck with key members of my high school life.  Then the silent q disappeared for about 4 years until I found my way back into the high school classroom.  As a teacher I wanted to see how many students would believe that I had a silent Q on the end of my name.  I really didn’t know how this affected my students until the annual assessments.  My principal called me into his office asking me why around 30% of my students spelled my last name with a Q?  Opps!  Still funny to me 3 years later.