Break Break~~  This is not a family story just a little tid-bit of information I want to share!lehrer

I believe this week, all William and Mary graduates were invited to a forum titled, “The Future of Democracy”.  Timely discussion, in my opinion with the involvement of “democratic” states in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the current turmoil of dissolution of the Russian government! 

I am super excited about attending the forum, not only because I get to listen to group of seemingly “smart” people discussion the success and failure of Liberal Democracy….Totally cool for a geek like me… But the icing with sprinkles is that Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor and Anchor of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS /newshour/, will host the international dialogue!!!!  I love Jim Lehrer.  Though he doesn’t have the appeal of a Tom Brokhaw or Brian Williams, he provides a raw and, in my humble opinion, the most unbiased view of the news.


I will take copious notes from the discussion and report back!