Being that I work for the government, I am getting a long weekend starting in about 3 hours….I can’t wait by the way, in fact  I almost called in sick with a Ocular Chlamydia today (I just couldn’t see myself coming to work).  Either way, I don’t have to come to work on Monday supposedly to celebrate Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of America – are we screwed up or what, lets celebrate a guy who practically lead the complete annihilation of a native indigenous culture.  Maybe the holiday is punishment to think about what we have done?  Either way, the expectation of a holiday weekend is to de-stress, catch up on some sewing projects and get some simple things done around the house.  I think I can handle all of that, including suffering the guilt of European Imperialism.  What I didn’t plan for is the Virginia Tax Free weekend!  Here in VA we will benefit an entire weekend of no 5% sale’s tax on any product that has an energy star label.  It just so happens that certain storm doors have said label. 


During some tempest during the summer our storm door was practically ripped off the front of our house and it will no longer close on its own.  Parts are unavailable to fix this issue, so that means a trip to Lowes for the clan.  Now that we are going to Lowes, it means lets do a bunch of home projects this weekend.  This of course sent me back to the days of the chore list. 

To Do:

1.  Finish painting the terrible green shutters to the more eye-pleasing maroon.  (Only one set left!!) 

2.  Mow the lawn so short that it looks like a recruit in boot camp that just left the barber’s chair.  Why do you ask…(refer to chore 3)

3.  Rent an aerator and aerate the lawn.  Why again…(refer to chore 4)

4.  Seed the lawn so that my lawn is equally or more green and lush than the lawns adjacent to mine.  We must keep up with the Jones’ you know.

6.  Cultivate and Harvest my cabbage, lettuce and kale. 


5.  Finish up the last two pair of pajamas for Nic’s christmas order. 


6.  Mail back the cracked pizza stone from Pampered Chef.  I had just got it seasoned and it was doing great!


So instead of celebrating the destruction of native cultures, I will toil at my homestead using my “vacation” time wisely.