Well I completely missed the mark, but yesterday was blog action day.  Across the web, bloggers joined together to blog on issues regarding the environment.  I sit here thinking 1. I failed…I am too late to join in, 2. What can I say as an individual that everyone else hasn’t already heard before, 3.  Do my friends even care?  Well, I care so I will blog either way. 

In my home I wouldn’t say we have gone completely green, but “we” make strides in making small actions count for the greater good.  First and foremost, I recycle religiously!  I am extremely frustrated with the city that I live in, because 1. the container we use to place our recyclable on the curb every other Tuesday is NEVER big enough and 2. they don’t recycle cardboard, cereal boxes and the like.  All the adjacent cities recycle pretty much EVERYTHING and they have roller containers, akin to the garbage can.  Is there anything I can do about this…sure!  I just place all the overflow in a clear plastic bag and place it on top of the already overflowing bin.  It makes me smile to see my recycling bin more full than my garbage can!  As for the materials that can be recycled, I think the city council is working on expanding what the city can take.  I am hoping this will pass.  I have been planning on attending some of the City Council meetings to be more of an active member of the city.  We will see what happens.

Also, we have a garden!  I love my garden.  It gives me fresh tomatoes for about 4 months out of the year, and I can grow something pretty much every season.  Right now, like I have said before, we have lettuce, cabbage and kale coming in!  YUMMY!  We do our own compost in the garden and the only stops to Starbucks I make is to pick up the “Grounds for Your Garden”.  Needless to say, my garden sometimes smells like a hot cup of joe.

As for other little things we do….we set our thermostat low/high and open our windows a lot; our house has brand new windows that I am certain help with energy reduction; we shut the water off when we brush our teeth; and we turn off our car engines when we are stopped at the draw bridges (3 around the area).  These are simple things, but a part of me believes it makes a difference. 

Pardon my late effort, but this is an important issue and one that we have to think about.  I know it is going to continue to be worked into the upcoming political campaigns!