Hello Again,

This is your friendly, faithful, neighborhood blogger.  I admit I have been gone a long time and you are waiting on baited-breath to hear of the latest update in my life.  I guess we can start back in December…

December –

I quit my job, sort-of.  I told the group I was working with that I have “a better opportunity”, (Majic Eight Ball says – YES TAKE IT!).  To be honest, I don’t think they cared.  I was just One of Five working in the borg.  I hated it, really really hated it. Needless to say this better opportunity was a no-brainer.  What was this better opportunity?  Well I will explain when we get to January.  So I closed that chapter of my life and was so excited to move on. 

Move-on, speaking of moving on, on the 17th of Dec, standing over my ironing board attempting to get the stockings sewn before Santa slide down the chimney, Josh asked me to marry him.  Wow, that was a shock.  Plans are in the works, but simple and fun is the theme.  No 20lb dress, no aisle, and no rice.  More like barefeet, sand, BBQ, and Booze :).  More fun right?  Tomorrow we go to http://www.sugarplumbakery.org/ to find a fun and “non-wedding-like” cake.  Yummy, I can’t wait to taste.  We are getting married at the Cape Henry Lighthouse http://www.apva.org/capehenry/ with just our families and then later on in the day, the festivities will begin.  Details, of course have not been sorted out.  Location and Cake, thats the most important.  MMMM

January-  NEW JOB!!!

WOW how awesome is my job.  It is like a breath of fresh air.  I feel like I am making a difference again and people respect others’ opinions.  Imagine that!  I am one of 5 women in an organization of 62 people.  Odd ratio, but it works, and works well.  Either way, this is awesome!  I would tell you more, but you are probably already sleeping.


I just spent the last 3 weeks as an instructor in a training course with my colleagues.  It was great, but boy was it trying.  It reminded me of my teaching days, remembering people all learn differently.  It wasn’t only a professional test, but a personal one as well.  I worked long days, which meant the dinner and dishes department was lacking on my end, THANKS JOSH! and I was just totally zonked when I got home.  Either way, today all the students left around 1:00 pm and we are back to steady state, giving me the chance to catch up on the blog. 

I think I have a next topic for family story….Oregon Trail on the Apple 2E.  I am sure many will be able to relate.  Can’t wait to get it down in words. 

Thanks for sticking around!