*Update* – The Stork has landed

Two days ago I just happen to lock myself out of my house, Yikes! and no one was home or even close to being home so I could be let back in.  After calling the locksmith, all I could do was just sit around and wait.  Luckily, I wasn’t all dressed up so I could find something in the yard to do.  While waiting for Dani (pronounced Daaaani with a Latino accent) I started prepping my garden for the summer vegetable season.  I raked the leaves and pine needles out the raised garden Josh built for me last year….and it flourished by the way…..


Anywho…..Today I ordered my 8 Mater (tomato) plants from Burpee, the best plant and seed provider.  It is always exciting to think of the possibilities of those great tasting, organic vegetables coming straight out of your own backyard.  Yum!  There is nothing like a tomato sandwich. 

When they arrive, in 6 business days, in the ground they will go with love, care and hope. 

 Let’s just hope the raccoons stay away this year, so Josh doesn’t have to “mark his territory”.