Most know I am a huge fan of Amy Butler, all of her fabrics and her designs.  In her book, In Stitches, she had a pattern for Wide Leg Lounge Pants….just to see how different my orignial pjs are to hers, of course I had to try. 

As for form and function, not too different.  Small differences took a little extra time, such as sewing a drawstring, making button holes and seam-ripping my mistake on the left leg :(.  They all came together nicely though, not bad for a first time. 

These are for my soon-to-be Sister-In-Law.  I also tried something new, see the applique fish I sewed on?  I cut that out of some fabric leftover from my brother’s pair I made him about 2 years ago.  I have a hard time getting rid of my fabric.  Either way, these will soon be hitting the streets, or the sheets, so to speak.