What is this you may ask?

It just happens to be the first baby blanket created by The Bored Seamstress.  

Blanket?  Hold up…Baby blanket?  No Mom, I am not with-child, wipe that brow and lets get back to business.  Baby Blanket??  That is too easy you may say! Sure it was, but I found ways to complicate the situation.   You see that “E” I decided to sew in the middle of the soft-fuzzy-towel-like area?  (here’s a close up)  

Let me tell you that is harder that it looks.  The cotton fabric is flimsy.  I should have interfaced the back with a stabilizer.  Lesson Learned on my part.  The next one will be much better.  Not that this one is bad, however, when you are a perfectionist, it makes life a little bit harder when you give a brand new creation to a friend.  I have nit-picked the entire blankey.

The blanket isn’t ready for prime time on The Bored  Seamstress, however, I have a few (5+) to make for my beautiful friends who are with child(ren). 

I can’t wait to see those beautiful faces.

As for now, I will continue my projects…and wrap them up for Mom and Dad…