Another part of my job is to train military personnel on a quarterly basis, what I would do as Political Military Planner, and how I would become and active member of their planning process.  Every quarter we get a new group of students with various levels of experience and a myriad of personalities.  You can always count on

 1.  at least one spring-butt, who has a comment on everything (know-it-alls)

2.  at least one who asks questions to sound smart (know-it-all dumbasses)

3.  at least one who asks questions to sound smart, who end up looking stupid because it was covered in a previous lesson or in the reading (know-it-all major dumbasses)

4.  at least the rest of the group who want 1-3 to shut the hell up (ah the huddled mass)

This class is no different.  I teach 2 lessons and get everyone involved in somewhat of an academic conversation.  It can be fun. 

I just finished giving my second lesson and it was unusually fun because the 1-3 people, were in so many words told to shut the hell up, by the other students.  As the teacher it was quite a struggle to keep the shit-eating grin off my face, I didn’t, I failed at that. 

In any level of one’s education, we all experience that lesson.  Not what knowledge the teacher, professor, facilitator is trying to drop on you, but how to enjoy influence of the group.  It is great to see the system working at all levels of life.  And it works!

In the end, my students walked away with a greater understanding about US Government, NGOs, IO operations in Ethiopia and the security to know they can get away with putting a 1-3 person back in line. 

School is in session.