Just to let you know the enthusiasm of The Bored Seamstress hasn’t wained.  Mowing the lawn, I peak through the window to see my sewing machine and serger sitting their lonely as I toil away with the normal springtime chores.  Now that the garden is almost complete – chuck-a-buck full of 8 9 tomato plants, zucchini, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, green string beans and okra, I can get back to sewing. 

Last night I put together a darling Baker’s Apron.  I made my own pattern using freezer paper, Josh’s level/yard stick, my quilting ruler and a handy-dandy pencil.  It was really quite easy! 

I cut out the pattern, then pressed and prepared the fabric for the main body of the apron, pocket, and cut the neck-ties and waist-ties.   And YES you see that correctly, those are metal “D” rings.  What an easy way to make it custom fitting for whomever!  It was definitely a fun project and I felt great that I was doing it My Way!  I followed my own sewing intuition and I think it came out great! 

What do you say?

 Josh took the picture.  I asked him to decapitate me for posting on Etsy purposes.  I am crossing my fingers I will get some one interested in it. 

Any feedback, I am all about that….Let me know what you think!