Could this be done, I often wonder on my way to work.  I look around as I drive and think are these people thinking the same thing as I?  Who knows – Lets break this down in a few of questions.

1.  What is your day job? 

I work as a Political Military Planner for a Combatant Command in Norfolk, VA.  What does this mean?  Well it is hard to describe in a few words, but I am smart I will try.  I facilitate the synchronization of efforts between the Military and ALL other agencies, Non-Government Organizations, etc to ensure the military is staying in their lane (ie. not coming in and taking over the show).  Do you get it???

2.  Could you financially quit your day job?

Ha!  Funny, no.  Despite the fact that I have a well paying job, comparatively speaking to my teaching salary nearly 8 years ago, I have not yet reached financial stability that will allow me to give the boss-man my two weeks and make it short and sweet.  I invest a large portion of my pay into a 401K and am planning for the future – retirement.  Josh is doing the same.  We are on the “right-track” from all I have read and heard from financial planners.  Though, no! I cannot leave unless I finally win the Mega-Millions. 

3.  Is your job so bad that you would quit regardless of money? (do people actually have that option?)

Not right now.  I am really loving what I am doing.  I get to work with great people, who the majority are extremely bright and challenge me.  I not only get to work with Military type guys, I have been able to work and make solutions to problems in the past few years and It makes me proud to be a part of what we (the US) are working towards.  Being able to come to the table with Assistant Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security and the State Department is awesome.  As a little girl growing up in Madison, Virginia I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing what I do today.  It is extremely rewarding work and I feel I am making a difference. 

4.  Would you want to quit your day job?

If I started to hate it, yes, I would find something different.  I quit a day job about 6 months ago that just sucked the life out of me.  It wasn’t a hard decision at all.  I hated getting up in the morning and coming to work.  It makes me so relieved to be out of there. 

5.  What would you do instead of your day job?

If I was financially able to quit my day job and not have to work what would I do, you mean?  Yes – Lets see…I think my days would be spent in my garden.  I would be planting different flowers for each month.  Maybe have some cutting flowers to take to a local farmer’s market along with my juicey tomatoes and big ripe watermelon (my favorite parts of summer).  I would have sewing projects coming out of my ears and enjoy outfitting my family and friends with my own dreamed up patterns.  My sewing room would be filled with delicious fabrics and I would be making a bit of a little business out of my creations.  In addition, I would be volunteering as a class Mom to Kyle’s class.  How fun would that be – I wouldn’t want to be there every day or every week, but just to come in and help out with craft time, lunch or field trips would be a blast.  Oh I would also have a horse and would ride up and down the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail daily (as long as I lived in Chesapeake).  Oh – get great recipes from Giada, Paula and Inahaving a great meal ready everyday and be inspired to make my own recipes.  On warm days sit in the hammock with Josh reading a book or sipping on some good tea in the winter laughing about The Office.  Oh and don’t forget about Gym time, gotta be fit!  Ah, the life – looks like I would probably still think there weren’t enough hours in the day.  . 

6.  If you HAD to get a day job, what would it be?  ie. What is your dream job?

I don’t know if I have a specific dream job for this time in my life.  It would probably be doing something similar to what I am doing now, but more in the field work.  That is hard to do with family, I know, but women these days manage.  My dream job is anything where I know I am making a difference.  Right now I don’t mind so much that I am working for “the Man” but I would say, being my own boss would be great!  Starting my own business to train and educate government servants their role and responsibilities in complex operations – Yea that!  Later on in life, would be a life much like this

Ok, now it is your turn.  I would love to see what the rest of you out there in the blogosphere think.