For weeks it seems, I have been trapped in day-to-day operations.  Ever since I arrived home from Hawaii, I have been working double days from work to home praying in between there are enough hours in the day to get all my chores done.  At work we just finished up my 5th iteration of the course we teach, which I truly enjoy being a part of, despite how daunting it gets during the third full week.  I am lucky enough to have an extremely supportive husband who finds time to make dinner, start the laundry and everything else around the house as I work the loooong days.  I worked really hard this time as well not to “bring work home” with me, I can get easily spun-up over the most minor things.  All the preparation before the course starts, the excitment and adrenaline during, coupled with daily self-reflection is down-right exhausting.  I am happy to close the book on this past class. 

Friday when we sent all the “guys” home, I rushed home myself to get ready to travel to NYC.  Josh and I were going to meet our dear friends Nicole and John, to welcome John home from his nearly 15 month deployment in Iraq.  The homecoming was fantastic. 

Fearing I will make this entry the quintessential mush-post, I will briefly say, we are so happy John is home safe.  He truly made a difference during his time over in the sandbox. 

Being able to sit down and talk with John was fantastic for me.  Having the opportunity to understand John’s work allows me to appreciate my work even more, making those critical moments of self-reflection so important.  The better I am at my job, the better the “guys” can be when they are deployed.  I am so proud of what our guys do.  All of the controversy rests at the Washington, DC level conversations, not on the ground with the soldiers and civilians trying to do their best for America and the country they are serving in. 

Seeing John come home and the look of relief on his face reaffirmed my respect for those who serve their country (in any capacity).  We are all lucky there are guys like John out there.  During the last few minutes of the News Hour (my main news show) when they honor our service members, embrace the silent reprieve and freedom we are all so luckily surrounded by.