Years ago I was quite over-weight, like almost beastily for my frame.  Not that I am anywhere near waifish, though within a few months of my desired or Happy Weight, I am considerably smaller.  It took quite a bit of time to lose 80lbs and a lot of focus. 

In the early stages of my weight-loss I changed what and how much I ate.  Weight Watchers really helped me “organize” my daily/weekly food intake.  It provided a great structure for me and it was completely easy to follow.  To me the weight just dripped off of me.  It was great. 

Like most weight-loss journey’s, I hit the dreaded plateau.  For weeks I wouldn’t budge!  Completely frustrating for many reasons.  When I would lose 10 lbs I had wanted new clothes (to look not so frumpy), and the cute clothes were fitting well for the first time in my life!  When the weight wouldn’t fall off, I would be frustrated with myself, the scale and my closet.  BTW – the people at Good Will knew me by name and would cheer me when I would make drop-offs. 

Amidst the frustrating, I started exercising doing a bi-weekly step aerobics class, an occasional yoga class, and basic cardio exercises on the machines.  Those basic routines went crazy when I found myself under the wing of a personal trainer.  I was weight-lifting and cardio-ing everyday!  I would spend an hour on the stair-climber following my upper-body workout.  Also, I didn’t shrug off the step classes and LOVED it when we would use the double-step days.  No Shakira, My hips don’t lie – they were shrinking.  I was starting to morph into a genuinely healthy person physically (mentally – that is a whole other blog post). 

The workouts changed a bit and I started running outside – a lot….sometimes 2 times a day at about 7-10 miles a day – again with the mental stuff.  I loved running.  The cadence of my jacket or t-shirt moving with me, my feet hitting the ground, the fresh-air and the race was so great.  I started running in short road races and eventually  worked my way up to the half-marathon.  What an accomplishment!  I couldn’t believe I did it.  I remember calling my Mom and Josh at after mile 10 and said “I have never ran this far EVER in one leg!”  It was fantastic – though my toes were crying at the end of that 13.1 miler.   What a great high!

I changed jobs soon there after and time requirements changed and the running wained.  I would run in sporadic bouts.  Feeling frustrated with my changing schedule and not having the opportunity to run.  Also, my BFF and running buddy moved away with her husband – Army John – thus ending the peer pressure to get the fat-booty up and trotting along. 

Embarrassingly to say, my sporadic run schedule has been for the last year, and I refuse to continue this pattern, Yes! Even before the New Year.

So, gladly I am reporting that I have been running, regularly and my stress levels are lower, my legs are a tad bit sore, but I feel great!  The runner’s high, not the weight,  is coming back