Last Tuesday night I was sound asleep in my warm bed.  To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. 

At work we had just (that day) completed our 6th iteration of our military planner’s course this year.  That is fine and all…. however because the “boys” going out the door are deploying soon after the holidays we had to get the class in as quickly as possible- that meant we worked weekends.  We pulled at least 11 hour days everyday.  Let me tell you that was an experience I don’t want to re-live.  

So as I was soundly sleeping, I was also dreaming, which is quite typical for me when I am sooo tired.  This wasn’t your typical dream.  I was teetering on the edge of cerebral and geek in this dream.  I was the moderator of a heated debate between Bob Woodward and George W. Bush.  Weird!!  They were fighting back and forth over the state of the world and how the US is posturing herself for the future. 

For some reason I became involved in the discussion.  I don’t know what got me involved but it apparently jerked me awake suddenly. 

As I quickly realized I was awake, in frustration I threw my head down upon my pillow…though it wasn’t my pillow.  I slammed the corner of my bedside table.  It hit so hard I immediately had tears in my eyes.  I started to rub my head and realized I was bleeding quite a bit.  I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself and immediately freaked out.

I woke up Josh and of course, him seeing me covered in blood, he freaked.  Ice packs were made through the sobs.  I don’t ever remember crying out in pain like that.  We called the 24 hour nursing staff supplied by my insurance company to see if I needed to go to the hospital.  She calmed our fears and after I gained control of myself, I went back to sleep until my alarm went off.

I woke up like a trooper and got ready for work.  I even did my hair, despite my bleeding head wound.  I went to work sleepy and slightly out of sorts.  People at work kept asking “Anne, is everything ok with you?”  When I got a few more of those comments, I decided to contact my Doctor (whom I love!)

He told me to get on in the office so he could put some sutures in my head.  There were jokes being thrown around about my hard-head and being stubborn.  I was relieved at first, but then realized he may have to shave my head to get the stitches in!  This dream has just turned into a nightmare. 

I drove sheepishly to the doctor’s office and I didn’t even have to wait.  They brought me right in and started work.  The first question out of my mouth was “Are you going to shave my hair?”

Dr. Dan said, of course!  I whimpered, but then saw him wink at the nurse!  That devil!  All the anxiety slowly melted away with the shots of numb into the wound area.  They gave me two stitches and told me to come back in 10 days to get them out. 

I am pretty used to my red-badge of courage now.   I never thought 29 years old got stitches in their head for bad dreams.  It was kind of embarrassing.  I am glad it wasn’t a dream about falling off a unicorn or being superwoman.  Though it truly confirmed what a complete and total geek I really am. 

Sorry no pictures.  I didn’t want to gross anyone out.  Though the knot on my head is still quite substantial almost a week later.