Unfortunately, due to my December work schedule I have not been able to hit the sewing machine, at all!  It is so depressing.  This is the first Christmas in a while, I am not shipping off a bunch of handmade items to my family and friends.  Grrr!

I have been working sketching out  some patterns and think I may get those prototyped soon so I may put those in my Box on the blog. 

So instead of picturing my handmade wares, I want to share with everyone my favorite gifts Josh, Kyle and I are giving as gifts.  We did a lot of shopping online this year, which was helpful when all the stores were closed by the time I got off work. 

First, I think I am most excited about giving my new Sister-in-Law Beth a Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan.  I have one and I use it EVERY stinking day!  I love this pan for so many reasons.  I can bake everything from cookies, french bread, to bacon on it and when I am done, I just scrap off the grease, crumbs, whatever, and it is ready for the next time.  My stone is well cured, and oh so perfect.  I heard Beth say the last time she was down that she wanted one, I can’t wait to see her face on when she opens it up!  (By the way, they are traveling now and I believe there is no way she can see this blog post before she is down in our part to ruin her surprise!)

Second, though in the running for first, is the book Birdscapes329872041


It is a beautiful pop-up book with bird songs in the book for the bird-lover in your life.  We got this book for Grandma G!  She doesn’t have a computer so there is really NO fear of her having her surprised ruined.  Grandma G is the most excellent woman.  Her quiet and patient compassion for all of us has been most appreciated by all of us.  Some of my fondest memories is playing hide-and-seek  with Will outside at Grandma and Grandaddy’s house while they watched the birds.  The most sought after bird was the Purple Martin.  In the yard, there were at least 3 purple martin houses waiting for the birds to check in at that exact right time of the year.  Apparently, there is a science to attracting these birds, and once they roost in a house, they will always come back to the same one.  Super cool!



Third, is also hard to say it is in third place, because I love these items SOOO much.  We got Josh’s Mother a special box of chocolates from Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates in Charlottesville, VA.  I am NOT a chocolate person, but they have one called the Maya, that is to DIE for!!  She is a chocolate person, so we got her a mixed box.  I am crossing my fingers that she will love them!

Next would have to be one of my gifts for Josh.  We decided this year not to go crazy, to just limit our gifts to smaller practical items.  Akin to plastic grocery bags, I HATE plastic water bottles.  Not just because they create garbage, but also the BPA issue.  So I looked all over comparing prices of aluminum water bottles and found Klean Kanteen to be the best reviewed product.  I also got him a matching lunch bag that has the most interesting freezing cells in them.  It is sure to be a hit!

I really can’t wait to share all my purchased gifts with my family this year.  Hopefully I will soon be caught up with sewing projects to post some much needed handmade items on the blog and on etsy

Happy Holidays To All!