Over the past two the three weeks I have been riding a roller-coaster of nausea, exhaustion and a heighten sense of smell that equates to the way bats can hear. 

First lets look at the nausea.  It comes in waves, though it seems like it is looming in the back ground of my tummy all day.  I only feel a tad bit of relief upon eating something.  Typically that something is a piece of fruit or wheat chex.  Usually, the sickness is at it worst in the mornings and then on my drive home from work.  I have started to take note and mitigate that feeling by carrying a granola bar with me where ever I go. 

Now to the extreme exhaustion.  I feel pretty good until 1:30 – 2:00 pm most days, then I feel like I hit a brick wall.  I could easily pull a Costanza and nap under my desk at work with a few blankets and a pillow.  Actually, I find myself fantasizing about doing just that.  On my drive home, I can’t wait to walk in the door and just lay down in bed or on the couch.  Josh has been aaa-MA-zing and understanding about how freaking tired I feel. 

Lastly, the sense of smell.  I have always thought it would be cool to have heightened senses, though when one triggers a regurgatory reflex, it doesn’t seem so X-Men like.  Items like chicken, spinach, microwave meals, olive oil heating in a pan, and vinegar sets me over the edge.  Also, I am slightly ashamed to say, one woman at work, her perfume is TERRIBLE and she insists on sitting next to me during each meeting.  When she does, I quietly excuse myself to powder room and re-enter to position myself somewhere else.  How in the world do you tell someone their perfume is making you feel like you are about to be sick at any moment?  Yikes!

So lets put all of these things together, coupled with the absence of the Cardinal coming for his monthly visit lead me to say, hmm maybe it is time for an At-Home-Pregnancy test. 

Due to the confusion of December, I didn’t want to translate between faint pink lines, double lines, single lines, blah, blah, blah, so I went with the digital reader.  I got it all set up and it said within 3 minutes the test result should appear.  Well, it didn’t even take a full minute and PREGNANT popped up on the screen. 

So, its official, I am pregnant.  I think I am going to write my wishes and dreams on my blog more.  It seems to be effective in making them come true.  I love it when a plan comes together!