Holy crap, the last 3 months of my life have flown.  I am so ashamed I haven’t posted anything substantial since Feb 17, letting everyone know I am pregnant.  That has been a ride, let me tell you. 

I hit my official five month mark on Monday, and the next step is to find out if the little sprout is a boy or girl.  That will happen 20 May, and not soon enough.  Honestly, I am alright with either.  WARNING CLICHE AHEAD- Just a healthy baby, is what both Josh and I want.

At the end of Feb I was feeling pretty much like doo-doo each day when I would get home from work, so I felt ZERO like updating a blog.  I was completely exhausted and then the computer is in sniffing range of the kitchen.  The smell of cooking food was enough to send me over the edge.  I distinctly remember running up the stairs crying because I felt so guilty I couldn’t even finish cooking because I felt like I was going to get sick in the pots on the stove.  Fun times! 

At night, I couldn’t sleep through the night.  I was constantly getting up to “run to the bathroom” just to go to sleep for an hour and do it all over again.  Within those amazing 60 min sleep sessions, I would have the wildest dreams about turtles with teeth, the wicked witch from Snow White, and failing at the myriads of tasks new mother’s have to learn.  More fun times! 

The dreams are still occurring, but food isn’t as much of a bother, but the sight of raw chicken still sends me for a loop.  The last month has been much more enjoyable.

The wild part is, most pregnant women can’t say they were deployed to work in a field tent for the US Army for 3 weeks in cold, rainy Germany.  I am just finishing up a 3 week adventure in Grafenwoher, Germany where I am just now getting my hands on a computer that  can reach out to more than just operational stuff.  Days were long and the food was Blah!  I can’t wait to go home….Saturday.

While I was here, I felt the little sprout start moving around inside of me.  What an unreal feeling.  I feel like it is giving me a reverse belly tickle — from the inside.  I wouldn’t really describe it as butterflies, more like bubbles.  It is really moving around in there, let me tell you. 

As for the home-front, Josh is currently renovating our kitchen, from top-to-bottom.  I can’t wait to see it.  New EVERYTHING.  I have always wanted an Apple Green kitchen, and now I am getting it, with new appliances, floors, cabinets, counter-tops, the WHOLE nine yards. 

I should have pictures to share once I am home for more than 1 weekend.  So, despite my long absence, I will soon be back in the game and ready to update on all the kicks of the sprout, successes and failures of kitchen remodeling, and what our next step is.

Its a wild ride!