We had our 20 week ultra-sound today and it was nothing less than magical.  Being pregnant never became so real than seeing the little sprout on the screen today.  It is hard to find the words to see your own child’s heart beating and it wiggling away from the pressing wand. 

The ultra-sound nurse told us she was going to do a lot of measuring first to make sure they can get as much on screen as possible and then she would help determine the sex.  The little sprout had its own plan.  Pretty much from the beginning we could see our little one is a boy.  I found myself wiping tears away during the entire time after that.  It was so exciting. 

He looked like a real little person, not the alien-like mass of cells at 12 weeks we had for some genetic testing.  He has a sweet little round head and long legs that he is reaching up to his chin (he gets that from his dad – the long legs that is). 

I was a little conflicted going into the ultra-sound.  I thought of great things to do with boys and girls.  Of course sewing and cooking with a little girl, and fishing and gardening with a boy.  I can’t be happier that the doctor, who is awesome, told us everything looks perfect, and that perfect baby is a boy. 

It is hard to believe we are half-way finished with the pregnancy, it will be a different world, but this discovery of our little boy and now really having “eyes” on him is great.

From Ultra-Sound 20 May 2009
From Ultra-Sound 20 May 2009