Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love this holiday and really have no concrete reason why, other than it gives me one more excuse to buy that green piece of whatever to add to my wardrobe.  Green is my absolute favorite color, by the way. 

This morning was rush-rush-rush getting everything and everybody out the door.  I am usually not rushing, even with Mason, but Monday we found out he has an ear infection!  YAK!!! I felt like a failure when I heard the result of the doc looking in his sweet little ear.  What did I do wrong???  Well “nothing” she said.  I don’t believe her.  Anyway, with the ear infection come a twice daily dose of Amoxicillin.  I was freaked out by the thought of it…convinced Mason would hate it and continue being sick.  Well turns out he likes it.  I am not sure what his love face is yet for food, because we just introduced solids to him, but he seems extremely pleased when I put that sweet pink medicine in his mouth.  He feels SOOOO much better and I am thrilled for him.  It is a huge relief. 

Adding to the medicine I had to give him this morning, I had my first diaper explosion right before I was getting him in his car seat.  Too funny, I just shook it off, changed him and got him back in the car.  The “down-there” situation has changed since he started solids, it is incredible!!!  I have made all his baby food so far and he eats most of it up…I think I made a tart peach into puree the other night and we definitely got a face from that, but he is my good little chow-hound. It saves so much money by the way! 

Depsite it all, GREEN St. Patty’s Day peas for dinner tonight for my little man.