A while ago, when I was pregnant, I found a delightful blog, that I now stalk, everyday!  I love it.  The writer (Beth) doesn’t know who I am, though I feel like I know her like an old friend.  Beth, her friends Erin and Lovelyn have some great pictures, stories and recommendations I have found in my blog-stalking.  One of Beth’s weekly posts is called “You Capture“.  It is basically a weekly photo(s) of something in your life that falls into that week’s assignment/category.  I have decided to participate because I LOVE the idea and I now have a TON of pictures.  Here is my You Capture for the week.

We took a trip to the farm this weekend and I sat in the back to feed Mason along the way.  When I sit in the back, we play and laugh and sometimes take naps together.  I caught Mason looking at me with this half-crooked smile and I could tell it was playtime!  We had quite a moment on our way home to Mom’s house.

Even the little moments I love with him, especially since he doesn’t mind his Momma being goofy at this age.