Since Mason was born I have been OBSESSED with his feet.  They were so long and slim when he was born.  Nearly six months later, he has a layer of sweet baby fat all over his foot and I love it even more.  I love it when his feet are soft and warm!  I know those days won’t last long when he starts walking. 


I was gone all last week for a conference.  I didn’t get to see my baby, except for the daily video chat, which made the absence a lot easier to swallow.  I HATED being away.  When he saw me coming around the tarmac he smiled and squealed when he saw me.  It made tears roll down my cheek.  It was a great homecoming.  I am happy to be home for a while now, with no trips in my near future…until June.  Until then, I will be nibbling those sweet toes and feet.