At 4:08 pm you will be Six Months old.  I was supposed to go back to work that day…I was going to be induced into labor October 11th.  I was terrified when Dr. Wentworth said “its time to have the baby today”.  I was scared to have a c-section; I was scared I wouldn’t know what to do with you; I was scared you wouldn’t nurse; I was truly scared.  Then you were born and they placed you on the table to my left and I looked at you…how BIG you were, how dark your hair was, how much I thought you looked like your Uncle Will, how overwhelmed I felt with knowing you were my child and nothing can ever change that.  I tear up just thinking about it.  Seeing you for the first time changed me forever.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  All the fears I had about being a Momma disappeared when I held you for the first time.  It was like falling in love, multiplied by the largest number you can think of.

The joy and laughter you have brought us is immeasurable.  Those first smiles and glances our way still melt my heart every time.  I rush home every day just to see you looking back at me and hearing that sigh when you lay your head on my shoulder knowing I am your Momma.


Your first everything is hard to capture, but the small ones are great to remember.  Even your first tractor…

I love our each of our moments together, especially the silly ones!


I can’t wait for the next six, and the next sixes after that.  Though I would love for it to slow down, just a bit.

I love you my honey, sweetheart, beautiful baby boy.