So I tried hard this week to think of something sweet and show you pictures of something other than Mason, however I just couldn’t get past how freaking sweet these are!

I am a sucker for this little guy.  He is so sweet and cuddly, just a joy to be around.  This weekend we are taking him to his first “adult event” (my cousin’s wedding) and I hope he stays his sweet self for that evening. 

He is sleeping harder and harder now, and is getting difficult to rouse in the morning when it is time to change to go to Ms. R’s house.  Though once he is up, chewing on my cell phone (yuck I know), he is as happy as a pig in slop. 

His Grandaddy from Oklahoma (OK!) came for a visit this week and Mason FELL IN LOVE with him.  He got his first taste of sugar, when Grandaddy put a blob of grape jelly in his mouth.  I couldn’t stop it from happening, even though I deep down was sad he was getting it, because that is what Grandparents do, right?  Also, Grandaddy doesn’t call him Mason, he calls him Tommy…he thinks no kid will bother him with a name like Tommy.  Too funny, since Tommy is what my Dad when by. 

I would have some more pictures to throw up here, if I would just upload the million from my camera I have taken in the past two weeks.  With the visit from Grandaddy and the garden being put in (hurry up tomatoes!!!) Computer, pictures and blog time has been limited. 

I am loving that You Capture is keeping me honest and thinking about what I can post.  I look forward to next week’s challenge “Spring!”