The past two weeks have been a whirl-wind, and I don’t think it is going to get any better.  We are putting flowering plants in the ground tonight, though we luckily have all our veggies in for right now.

I love this time of year – especially when the azalea’s are blooming.  I only wish we had some acidic soil to allow them to grow.  I also love not having to bundle a baby before taking him outside.  Some of the mornings are still a little cool, but Mason loves playing with the big dogs.   Below Mason is enjoying his time with Jake, my cousin Deanna’s dog.  I love these photos. 

What you don’t see is Jake’s HUGE tongue getting the leftover squash under Mason’s chin.  Mason laughed and laughed at Jake.  I am so happy he isn’t terrified of animals.

SO I don’t know if you can see the little twig in front of Mason, but that did eventually end up in his mouth. 

But to save the best for last!!!!  Here is Mason “springing” in his favorite spot. AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!