I was on my way to work this morning and I saw clouds that look like Mountains.  Have you ever experienced that?  For a split second I was back home in Central Virginia with the changing leaves, apple butter and clean air.  Then I realize, nope here in the Tidewater, which at times has its moments of beauty, particularly when the sun is rising or setting over the ocean or James River.  I love driving over a bridge during that time.   This time is a great escape from the daily stressors. 

Since the middle of August, the command where I work has been hanging in the balance of Washington bureaucrats’ chopping block.  I cannot say the thought of Joint Forces Command downsizing never crossed my mind.  The effort in Washington is to save BILLIONS of defense budgets’ spending, which would kick back into other parts of the economy.  The concept makes fiscal sense.  However, being on the side of a potential job loss, the stressors are there staring you in the face one of them being the mortgage payment.   There is a constant buzz about which organizations within the command will survive and which ones are destined to be erased.  I typically feel confident where I work is important and will be retained somewhere….Though when I actually face the music, it isn’t a great feeling to be working in an environment of speculation. 

First, knowing if they do save the office where I work, they could leave it here where I live have a house, husband, child and step-son, all of which I love; or they could send the work to a bunch of different locations.  My dear colleagues and I know these are all realistic possibilities.  There is daily wringing of hands, which comes in waves, and no one is immune to the feeling.  The phone calls from spouses asking to dust off resumes and launch them on the myriad of job search sites.  The confidence of my job is important being struck down with well their job may be more important than mine.  It is not a fun place to be right now. 

This is the first time I can actually say I feel like an adult.  Being an adult is not as easy as we dream of when we are sweet innocent children dreaming of being astronauts, ballerinas or teachers.  Right now, I would be happy just to know what to do after January. 

Keeping all of that in mind, being this guy’s Momma is the best job ever and that won’t ever change.