I often find I need to write down so I will not forget them.  Today I want to ensure I capture some of Mason’s sayings and words he doesn’t quite get right. 

The first being Motorcycle or Bicycle, either word will work .  Mason sees them and excitedly screams “moKorcycle” or “biKacycle”.  So friggin’ cute!

Another cropped up when we were getting ready for Mason’s birthday.  Surprisingly it has stuck around from almost 6 months now.  Instead of saying “Happy Birthday!”  Mason exclaims, “Happy Daddy!”  We have no idea how he replaced birthday with Daddy, we are rolling with it right now.

Mason L-O-V-E-S Dr. Seuss.  We most recently pulled out the Lorax, which I had no idea was coming out in movie form until about 2 weeks ago, and yet again the love for Dr. Seuss remains.  When ever he sees anything with the Lorax he hollers, “Momma the T-REX! the T-REX!”  Cute, though the first few times I thought he was getting into his dinosaur phase early. 

Thomas the Train has added another stop on his route in our house.  Some nights before bed our living room looks like a huge earthquake has struck the Island of Sodor.  Poor Sir Topham Hatt.  He is relegated to being just Mr. Top-A-Hatt, Cranky the Crane is Creeky, and I dare not share with you how Percy is pronounced, (replace the E with an U, drop the R, C becomes two S) AHEM!  Scandalous. 

These are some of the best moments being a parent, revelling in your little one’s development.