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This was too cute to capture this week!  I love the fall and these pumpkin shots are to die for!!!

He is so cute and sweet trying to pick up the pumpkins for Momma.


This week’s challenge was pretty fantastic!  I love this little sleepy face I get to see each time I get Mason from his naps. 

Oh and here I am semi-modeling Lovelyn’s Let Love Grow t-shirt, which just happens to be my favorite right now…so soft and comfy!  Ignore the pj bottoms. 

And this one when he loves playing with his daddy!


This week’s challenge was super fun!

BUT!  I had to pic my favorite shot. 

My dear husband has a job which puts his happy ass on a boat occassionally to check the equipment on off-shore radio towers used by the Navy.  Just seeing this makes me jealous while I sit in my cube-hell. 

I love him dearly, but man this makes me jealous…except for the white socks and boots!  FAUX PAS dearest love.

Well, this picture isn’t from my kitchen but it sure is the best thing going in any kitchen. 

He is a handful though!  I have to divert him from crawling in the dishwasher with wooden spoons and pots that make lots of noise.  I know when that noise stops I should be looking for the little man. 

He just gets better and better everyday. 

In addition to all this kitchen time, do you notice the teeth in the boy’s mouth?  Well he has officially been cut off and my pumping operations ceased as of last week.  At times I am feeling a bit blue over being done, but going to bed and waking up without needing to pump sure is a time saver.  He is eating full meals that are not puree or chunky mash.  He loves everything I put in front of him.  The roasted brussel sprouts I had no idea how he would take that, but he ate it right up!

We are already planning his first birthday party, which is hard to believe.  Time flies when you are having fun!

I have been drinking a lot of Wasser (water) this week.  In Germany, “American” type water isn’t the norm.  You can order it – Wasser Stille (no bubbles), if not you will get Wasser wit Gasse (bubbly).  Over the last year I have really started to like bubbly water and get it often at home.  Despite all of that, I have been drinking the best Wasser available.   It is cold and oh so sweet on my lips.  Nothing beats a German Beer, or two, or three….

Beer is mostly water right?????

This week was a great week…we had a wonderful long weekend and I enjoyed reclaiming some Momma and Mason time.  After my back exploded I felt robbed of my maternity leave.  I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do with baby boy in the first 3 months of his life.  On Tuesday I decided to take the day off from work and do some of those things….1. go for a walk/run together, 2. go to Trader Joes and take our time looking at EVERYTHING, 3….well I think it was just same old stuff after that, but it was great day.

On Monday, Mason got his first taste of summer in his baby pool/park we got for him during the winter.  It was hugely discounted and we couldn’t pass it up.  We were a tad concerned how he would like it but it ended up spectacular.  Check it out.

I didn’t have the camera out with me all weekend, but I managed to capture a few shots of Mason in the pool.  This was my best for you capture.  He was so delighted to be in the pool and getting wet all over.   I also loved how he looks good in green :).

This week is proof I can take pictures of something other than Mason…see….


Any guesses where these were taken?  HINT: A lot of students visit here for field trips…more likely if they leave in the eastern part of the US. 

I really liked this assignment because I love microphotography and getting some great shots of flowers, birds and plants.  NERD!!!!

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