Mason is something else, I tell you.  I can’t believe the difference between 2 years and 2 1/2 years.  These last six months have been wild with lots of changes, primarily with the introduction of Owen who was born a short 3 weeeks after Mason’s second birthday. 

I remember the emotions I had when I found out I was pregnant with Owen were mixed ones.  I was thrilled to be having another child for Mason to grow up with, but I was also scared and sad that Mason would have to share me with something else.  From the first time I laid eyes on Mason he has been my sunshine; how in the world was I going to manage to keep up that love and devotion with another baby, and how in the world could I love another child as much as I do Mason?

Over the course of the 9 month pregnancy, I made the most of every minute, fearing he would feel rejected when the new one arrived.  I contemplated not nursing Owen just to be able to have more time with Mason.  For Mason, the transition to big brotherhood wasn’t easy.  I remember when he came to visit me and Owen in the hospital, he didn’t really want to get to close and Josh had to put him on the bed with me.  I was certain this was going to be our reality for the next 18 years.  I felt rejected and conflicted. 

As the first month of Owen’s life sped by, Mason would pull on me for attention or to play right when Owen would need to eat, it would seem.  Half of my postpartum tears were guilt from not giving Mason all the time I once had for him.  However, it slowly started improving.  Owen started to show his personality through his smiles and kicks of excitement.  Mason picked up on that right away.  What seemed like an eternity for me emotionally was a flip-of-the-switch for Mason.

Now Mason and Owen are in love with one another.  No one can make Owen smile like Mason and Mason is extremely protective of his Owen.  I explain the joy I feel from seeing them play together, even though it is limited with Owen only being 5 months old today.  These two boys are perfect!

Mason is still my silly, smart, and adorable boy.  He is spontaneous and surprises me with his wit.  His imagination in full operation and I love playing Thomas the Train with him as we scoot our trains to the imaginary Steamworks under our dining room table.  Every flower he sees, dandelions and all, he goes over to smell them and tells them they are “So beautiful”!  Every puddle must be splashed, every rock is his pirate treasure, and every worm tickles his hands.  He continues to be my sunshine, it just so happens he shines on us all and I don’t mind sharing.


Talking about Grandma G yesterday made me think a little harder about what my actual favorite things are around the holidays, which includes her and my Grandaddy.

My grandparents loved musical, naturally that meant I did too, I LOVED spending time with them.  My favorite musicals to watch with them were Oklahoma and White Christmas.  I get goose bumps just thinking about that movie and how great it was to spend 2 hours with them in the warm house filling our eyes and ears with the yummy sights and sounds of Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney.  My word, I LOVE that movie and memory.


My Grandaddy was a WWII veteran, D-Day, Italy, Africa, the whole European Campaign, it is amazing what he experienced, though he never talked about it.  This movie resonated for the people of that era so much because it embraced that war-time feel.  I didn’t really know why at the time, but I was proud of my Grandaddy and would picture him a part of the movie at the end when the Colonel was honored with his song from Bing and the boys. 

Grandaddy and Grandma’s story is actually quite remarkable.  They fell in love through letters during his deployment.  They both went to the same church for years so they knew of one another.  When the draft began, naturally he was called up.  Unfortunately, his father took ill and passed while he was in Africa.  Grandma felt sorry for him and starting corresponding with him through letters.  For years they communicated only in writing and when he finally came home from the terrors of war, she was waiting for him.  They were married, lived and loved like teenagers until the day he died.  That’s the short of it, but no less enviable to the true romantics out there.   

Thinking about White Christmas and my time with my beloved Grandparents grounds me back to what is and always has been important.  It is funny how certain songs, pictures and movies can do that to you. So, I am hoping on my drive home from work today, I will be hoping that the Christmas Carol radio station will hold back the pop songs of my generation, and instead take me back to my most favorite White Christmas memories with Grandma and Grandaddy. 


Today is Josh’s Birthday!  HORRAY for him.  One year older but getting better everyday.  I’m lucky enough to be able to celebrate his day with him and for years to come.  Bask in it baby!



Just a quick post ( i am deep in catch-up activities) to share:

1.  I am married now. 


2.  Which dress I am wearing.

this is us giving each other “the face”

3.  I am really happy!


More to come when I get all the pictures back!  I can’t wait 🙂