I haven’t been ignoring you, I promise! 

In 2 days I will be getting married, and hopefully having the BEST beach BBQ reception afterwards.

Everything has been going so smoothly, though there is a lot to do, nothing has presented itself as even a minor hiccup.  The food is purchased, the alcohol is on order, guests list has been faxed in, You know the major stuff that actually makes people happy when they come to a wedding reception. 

Regardless of all this “smooth-sailing” talk, God was dangling me and Josh in the balance yesterday morning, say around 5 am.  Josh and I were getting ready for work, I blew-off my morning run, because I am trying to get as many hours in the office as possible before I head off for a week after the wedding.  Anywho….Josh gets downstairs and seemingly out the door before me, until I hear his somewhat frantic voice at the bottom of the stairs “Anne!!!!!  the hot water heater exploded”.  I laughed, thinking “Yea right, we just had that P.O.S. worked on in February.”  What didn’t immediately stick in my head is that it actually is a huge P.O.S. – so much so, in the winter we have to cut off the heat in the house to get a luke warm shower.  So I throw on my 3rd shirt choice for the day and run downstairs to see what the hell is really going on?

Indeed, Old Faithful somehow picked up from Yellowstone and moved into Josh and my garage early that morning.  We were so lucky it was in the garage and not on the second floor or interior of our house, especially since 13 people are about to embark upon our home TODAY! 

We get all the water cut off from the heater and empty it out, then change into “work clothes” and run to Home Depot for a new hot water heater, scheduled their technician to replace the old one and came back home to get ready for me to go to work and Josh to stay home with maintenance guy. 

I head off to work a couple of hours late, my boss is great, very understanding, and get settled in.  All my guys who work around me come to check on me and all seems great.

Not really!!  The installation dude from Home Depot gets to the house and lets Josh know we have the WRONG hot water heater – we need the more complicated machine that will hook up to our heating system.  He also tells us the hot water heater that exploded was the wrong one as well.  Great! 

My dearest fiancee’ calls around and finally gets in touch with a great plumber who came right over, knew exactly what our problem was and hooked us up, literally, with the Apollo Hot Water Heater (over a thousand dollars later) This morning my shower was a hot one and the garage was dry, just in time for the family to start rolling in this evening.

In all of this, Josh and I agreed this is the Lord’s work of keeping us grounded and showing how great we really do work together.  Josh is an amazing guy, patient, strong and loving.  If it wasn’t for him I would have been tearing down buildings in Chesapeake in true Bridezilla fashion.


Ok, what’s the FREAKING big deal with wedding reception fare? 

Josh and I have decided, and for the most part secured, a BBQ Beach wedding reception with a semi-traditional wedding cake.  Ok cool, portable, yummy, and not fussy, exactly what I want.  

What’s I am running into are the expressions of some folks when I describe the feast fest PARTY! 

From my girlfriends “Are you kidding!  That is so great, you should do what you want.  I remember what a pain in the ass planning my wedding reception was….*sigh*”  Ladies = +1 and I thank you! 

From the guys* at work – “Are you sure?  I mean whatever you want Anne, its your day, but reallynothing formal?”  Guys = -1 WTF!!!  I thought they would be behind me all the way!

*Being that I am one of 5 females on my entire floor of over 70 folks, I will just refer to them as “guys”

From the wedding planning sites (that I no longer visit) – “Look for something timeless that goes with your style, coordinating table clothes and napkins can pull in that beautiful color scheme you have chosen.”  Another WTF moment.  What year are we in people?  Its not like I can skip down the rose petal aisle and jump a broom pretending I haven’t done this before!  Har Har  Wedding Sites = -1

I was beginning to take a little offense and slightly fearful that folks coming to the reception would be  upset if I provided BBQ (really good BBQ by the way)?  Are they expecting a 7 course meal?  Would the beach setting be too casual? 

HA!  Who cares!  Josh and My Day = + Infinity votes, So THERE!

We win, and so will my guests, when they get to eat some damn good food on a great spot by the beach and have a damn good time!