Just to let you know the enthusiasm of The Bored Seamstress hasn’t wained.  Mowing the lawn, I peak through the window to see my sewing machine and serger sitting their lonely as I toil away with the normal springtime chores.  Now that the garden is almost complete – chuck-a-buck full of 8 9 tomato plants, zucchini, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, green string beans and okra, I can get back to sewing. 

Last night I put together a darling Baker’s Apron.  I made my own pattern using freezer paper, Josh’s level/yard stick, my quilting ruler and a handy-dandy pencil.  It was really quite easy! 

I cut out the pattern, then pressed and prepared the fabric for the main body of the apron, pocket, and cut the neck-ties and waist-ties.   And YES you see that correctly, those are metal “D” rings.  What an easy way to make it custom fitting for whomever!  It was definitely a fun project and I felt great that I was doing it My Way!  I followed my own sewing intuition and I think it came out great! 

What do you say?

 Josh took the picture.  I asked him to decapitate me for posting on Etsy purposes.  I am crossing my fingers I will get some one interested in it. 

Any feedback, I am all about that….Let me know what you think!


This weekend I am driving home for a couple of reasons, but primarily it is to attend a friend’s graduation from college and of course to see my Mom for Mother’s Day.  Thinking about Jessica (my friend) graduating and entering in a new chapter of her life, makes me reminiscence and think about what I was feeling and going through at the same time.  I am tempted to focus solely on the accounts of my night-before graduation party (some content editted), and i know I owe this blog a story.  Oh what the hell….

Caution:  For Audiences above the age of 21, or aspiring to be 21

Let us jump ahead about 6 years from my last story,…It is May 10th 2001, Williamsburg, VA, on the campus of William and Marythe air is sweet the weight is lifted and my roomies and I are planning a graduation party of epic proportion. 

Define epic party:  one that consists of stock-piling necessary beverages over a 2 month period, in addition to removing all carpet from each floor before the party starts. 

Oh yes, this is going to AWESOME! 

Maria, Joyce and I, in the midst of packing up our most excellent college apartment, finishing up finals find the time to prepare food, create a bourbon ball (no definition needed, right?) and…are you ready for this…..and Ice Luge!!!!!!

Much planning went into the construction of the Luge, how were we going to create the huge chunk of ice? how will the luge be engineered on the huge block of ice? where will the luge be positioned for maximum use with minimum damage (melting) to the apartment?  We concluded that an aluminum roasting pan will suffice, perfect!  A week before the party we empty out our freezer and place the pan in filling the pan up cup by cup to reach the maximum density of the soon-to-be Luge.  Measure of Success – damn right, by starting the freezing process a week in advance, the luge was hard as the Alaskan glaciers. 

Ok back to the fateful May day….guests are going to be arriving in a few hours, we have to create the luge part of the huge block of ice in our freezer.  Should we use hot water? an ice pick (of which we didn’t own), or a butter knife chipping small flecks of ice away?  You guessed it!  Resource limited college kids, the butter knife became our tool.  Chip – chip – chip, the luge is appearing before us!  We are laughing so hard that we are pulling this off.  As a caveat, we weren’t these wild spring break type girls, we were just normal kids, probably why I think stock piling liqour is a big deal…OK, so Ice Luge created and refreezing so the slope of the luge is secure.  Burbon ball is chilled and food is on the table.  Guests start arriving….

Like any party there are moments of disbelief and exaltation, this party was not absent to this.  We stacked the luge on a slope created by our highlighted and despised text books and it was a huge hit.  Freezing vodka, rum and rumplemintz were finding their way down the luge into the welcoming mouths of our friends.  SUCCESS!  People were laughing and enjoying one another.  Many hair brushes were passed around as make-shift microphones, I think there was game of hide-and-seek going on, and we were all naive to what was really coming next.  All we knew is we had to party all night long.

The Luge lasted all night, we were pleased.  In between the crushed watermelon on the floor, plenty of spilled drinks of various colors, assumed prank calls that were really your mom (tyring to say hi who you inadvertently cursed at) through the blaring Monster’s of Rap cd we were embracing out last chance to be college roommates and to continue on being friends for life.