Sandra Day O’Connor…..Yes, I was at the World Forum on the Future of Democracy and I turned to the 88 year old man beside me and excitedly uttered that statement.  He looked at me like I had three heads.  Either way, the evening was perfection. 

I sat in the audience at William and Mary Hall, nibbling on  my Tutti-Frutti Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (from the Wythe Candy Store in Merchant Square) listening to Sandra Day and Larry Eaglebuger (the Secretary of State when the Berlin Wall came down – not bad for the old resume’) talk to us about Democracy.  It was incredible.  The major take-away was Democracy is a process, a seed that we have to teach, nurture and participate in to make it work.  Fascinating!  I called my friend Joyce right away after the event, breathless and excited, because I got to meet the entire panel and that wink from Jim Lehrer would make any gal weak in the knees

What I was surprised by was the lack of young people in my age group being missing.  There were plenty of idealistic undergrads and tribes of old folks, but the people who are out busy living life, paying bills, taking care of their young children and hoping to stay fit and thin were all absent.  If you looked out into the audience I was this brunette spot in a sea of grey.  I was saddened and disappointed, that is the idealist in me still raring its head.  But it is that idealism that keeps me hoping that we will care enough when it counts to take helm at being the faces and leaders of this country. 

Either way, I left the forum with breathless excitement that even little old me or you can make democracy work for us here in the US and foster the great ideas globally and locally.