Lots of folks around work were bragging about putting in their tomato plants this past weekend.  Remember it was beautiful….They inquired about my garden and if plants were in the ground.  I proudly said, I am waiting till a consistent soil temp of 60°.  They looked at me like I was behind the power curve, out of my mind, losing out.  I held strong, and this morning I was on top-of-the-world. 

Walking out my front door this morning I saw shimmery frost on the grass and cars.  As I sat in my car waiting for the windshield to defrost, I had a huge smile on my face.  My infant tomatoes were warm and toasty sitting by the kitchen window this morning. 


Josh and I ordered three yards of organic compost for the garden, and it was delivered at 5 yesterday evening.  What does that mean???  Get to work!

We managed to move all three yards before dark.  I am so glad daylight savings time is over.  We filled out new flower bed, topped off the back garden, and piled up one yard for the next garden we are building this weekend soon.

I love my garden.  The greatest therapy in the world.  I can’t wait to have veggies and pretty flowers this year. 


My new Flowerbed!

Fill’er Up!  The veggie garden, waiting for those Burpee Tomatoes!

The compost for the new garden…..ah the possibilities. 

The Burpee stork came through for me this weekend, and boy was I pleased to get this on my doorstep, this bright and beautiful weekend. 

I opened the box, not really knowing what to expect and I saw this: 

Probably a little hard to make out, but I opened the box to find four smaller boxes.  I thought, how quaint!  This is going to be like Russian Nesting Dolls.  I saw air pockets on the sides of the big box, but no soil remnants, or anything like that.  I was starting to wonder what kind of operation are they running anyway? 

So I slid out one of the “pods” as they called it:


Still!  No soil!  How can there be tomatoes in these so called pods, without any dirt.  I was a little worried.  I knew the box was extremely too large for seeds, so I know they got that part of my order right.  

On each of the pods, you have to take off a piece of tape, open it up…. to Voila! 

Look at those beautiful babies!  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

After opening up all the boxes, there are specific instructions you must follow to ensure your tomatoes are ready to go into the ground. 

1.  Don’t run out to your garden, like a crazed woman and dig holes with your bare hands, and put them in the ground.  They need a little TLC.

2.  Pull them gently, like the babies they are, out of their Burpee swaddling box.

3.  Water each plant with 1-2 oz. of lukewarm water.

3.  Pull out a baking sheet to place your tomato plant infants in.  So the 1-2 oz of lukewarm water doesn’t spill all over the place!

4.  Water each plant with 1-2 oz. of lukewarm water, with the plants sitting in the baking sheet.  (see step 3)

5.  Keep the infants out of direct sunlight for 24-48 hours, so they may regain their strength.  Remember they had a long hard journey from the Burpee Stork. 

6.  Once they look hearty enough and your soil temp is just right (above 60° F), dig them each a nice deep hole.  Make sure you go as deep as you can, only about 2 – 3″ of the tomato has to stick out of the soil.  It will make for a stronger root system!  Some folks, including myself put 3 – 4 egg shells in the hole for extra calcium!  Great for the roots and fruit later on. 

7.  Mulch with straw (not Hay).

8.  Water, water everywhere!

9.  Tomatoes are on their way. 

So – Here mine sit in the kitchen window, waiting for that special 60°F (stable) condition.  Are they not the cutest babies you ever saw?  

Around about July 4, I will be enjoying those deliciious fruits (please not in the Jonathan Swift, Modest Proposal way) on sandwiches, salads, sauces and salsas.  Yummy!


*Update* – The Stork has landed

Two days ago I just happen to lock myself out of my house, Yikes! and no one was home or even close to being home so I could be let back in.  After calling the locksmith, all I could do was just sit around and wait.  Luckily, I wasn’t all dressed up so I could find something in the yard to do.  While waiting for Dani (pronounced Daaaani with a Latino accent) I started prepping my garden for the summer vegetable season.  I raked the leaves and pine needles out the raised garden Josh built for me last year….and it flourished by the way…..


Anywho…..Today I ordered my 8 Mater (tomato) plants from Burpee, the best plant and seed provider.  It is always exciting to think of the possibilities of those great tasting, organic vegetables coming straight out of your own backyard.  Yum!  There is nothing like a tomato sandwich. 

When they arrive, in 6 business days, in the ground they will go with love, care and hope. 

 Let’s just hope the raccoons stay away this year, so Josh doesn’t have to “mark his territory”.