Grinding….the sailing way

The past few weeks I have been away, not in the mental sense, I’ve actually been gone.  The first week of March was spent in the beautiful Caribbean soaking in the sun’s rays in the Bahamas.  Josh and I took a little personal vacation and enjoyed ourselves to the up-most.  We spent much of our time lounging around the pool decks and sipping from our glasses the featured drink of the day.  Without a doubt the highlight was sailing on an America’s Cup Sailboat.  What a fabulous experience.  We got the fever and have talked about getting some real sailing lessons, but we shall see what comes of that.

Upon our arrival back in the states, I immediately left the next day to Gettysburg for a business trip.  I had the opportunity to be a part of a team putting together a Report to Congress on Provincial Reconstruction Team Best Practices.  Pretty interesting conference, I must say.  Though the work conversations were great, the absolute best part was literally RUNNING Picketts Charge, like any good Virginian should do.  I also climbed the rocky hill side of Little Round-top.  Gettysburg is a mystical place, and yes I am totally a Geek for saying such, but truly what a great place to hike around and learn.   

Cannon Barrel

Little Roundtop

 After Gettysburg, home I went, meaning home home, my childhood home.  There we all frolicked with the deer at Big Meadows on the Skyline Drive, played Frisbee in the backyard and relaxed.  I nearly forgot how normal schedules worked until the alarm went off yesterday morning at 4:50 am.  Get you bootie out of bed!!!  SO….to work I went, and here I am, until next Monday, back on travel to Washington.  Building and securing partnerships for American Success.  How cool is that! 

More to come, as always.