After two full weeks in Washington, DC.  I am glad to be back. 

The best part of the trip, seeing new things in a town filled with history.


Contestant – I’ll take Today in DC for $2000, Alex.

Alex Trebec – Who got stuck/lost/frustrated in DC today?

Contestant – Um, Who is Anne?

Alex (that smug bastard) – That’s right, make your next selection.

Ok, so I go to DC a lot with my job…I KNOW DC, I have navigated around that city many times and feel very confident driving around sans GPS….until today.  What a sucky morning! I was headed to the National Defense University this time, right inside the district, Not too complicated!  Yea right.  While driving there I came up with the following conclusions:

First, people all across the East Coast feel the need to throw their brains out their car windows when a drop of rain falls on their windshield.  UGH!!!!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and how the idiots out there were so frustrated with the other drivers out there – who were actually doing an ok job driving around. 

Second, when did VDOT get so damn cheap that they take down freaking IMPORTANT road signs?  HELLO!  That is what lead to me getting LOST!!!!  GRRR!  I was racing around the streets of DC, circling around the monuments like I was a member of the Griswald family on their European Vacation….”Look Kids Big Ben Jefferson Memorial”

So without a doubt I was beyond frustrated. 

So what did I do to solve this problem?  Well I just went back to where I started…used the little girls room and called Josh.  I had him give me an actual address, I re-read my directions and realized the road sign was GONE!  UGH!  I could have kicked myself, knowing it was gone would have saved me, um like at least one hour!!!  Is that hour chargeable to VDOT?  Yea right!!!!!

Either way, I kept that stiff upper lip during the entire ordeal. fought the frustrated to tears feeling, and held on to the hallowed words of Tom Hanks “There’s no crying in baseball!”