Ha!  That was fun at least making the list….

Last weekend was great, I got to see my pal Jess walk across the stage at Mary Washington University; I was able to cook a meal for my family for Mother’s Day; and I got absolutely nothing done around my own house.  What does that mean?  This weekend I am going to be the proverbial chicken with its head cut-off running around getting projects accomplished.  Here is a small sampling:

Friday – in no particular order

1. Drive home from work – which should only take 30 minutes, instead I will be sitting in traffic for at least an hour.  I kid you not.  It sucks. – DID IT

1.1.  Oh wait – don’t forget to pick up the new cell phones from the FedEx facility – another 15-20 minutes.  Cool phones though!.  I love Verizon Wireless. – DID IT

2. Stop at the grocery for – noodles, part skim ricotta cheese, mozarella, sauce and meat.  Guess what that is going to be???  (see #2.3) – Yep that too…

2.1.  Make the dinner

2.2.  Serve the dinner – You know it!

2.3. Clean up after making Lasagna- ugh!  It is the absolute worst dish to clean up after- does doing it Saturday count?

3.  Cut out the rest of the baby shower projects I am working on finishing before the 3 showers I am attending in the next 4 weeks!  YIKES!  I am loving doing the baby stuff by the way.  Another reason my Etsy shop is not full of cute items. – BBBPPTTTTTT Yea, about that – it goes down hill from here.

4.  Check on the veggie garden – I fear the raccoon from last year will be back any moment.  That rascal! – well ok that was easy

5.  Paint the Foyer and Hallway – color is Desert Fortress from Lowes – a nice warm brown despite the defensive name.  – HELL YEA

6.  Attempt to stay awake past 9:00 pm. – didn’t happen

Saturday – In order

1.  Clean the house so….. HOPEFULLY!!! Josh can mow the lawn.  – DID IT

2.  Rascally Raccoon watch. – HISSSSSSSSS You know it!

3.  Prepare for the most fabulous Little League Baseball Game.  GO KYLE!!! – No questions

4.  Go to a BBQ for about an hour – the first one of the day.– Sure did

5.  Go to Kyle’s game.  REMEMBER THE SUNSCREEN!!! – – Yikes!  almost forgot


6.  Go to a BBQ – the second one of the day.  I hope I haven’t melted from the game.  No time restraint on this activity, thank goodness. – MMMMM Moonshine 🙂 oh yea

7.  Go home – work on Baby projects.  They are SOOOO cute!!!  Will post pictures when finished. – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday – in no particular order

1.  Grocery Shop – ugh!  I hate it.  But like Blooms – No questions

2.  Put the new floor down in the Foyer and Hallway – the reason we painted!  Hardwood – can you hear the Angel’s singing? – We did it….well Josh did it

3.  pack for my trip – business- YAY out of the office time! – had to

4  Baby Projects- – I got on it, dog-gone-it

5  Cook Dinner – i haven’t planned what yet – maybe Leftover Lasagna. – Josh cooked, awww

6  You guessed it Baby Projects. – yep!!!!

Shew!  A full weekend, can’t wait to get started….and finished.   – Well sorta


Another part of my job is to train military personnel on a quarterly basis, what I would do as Political Military Planner, and how I would become and active member of their planning process.  Every quarter we get a new group of students with various levels of experience and a myriad of personalities.  You can always count on

 1.  at least one spring-butt, who has a comment on everything (know-it-alls)

2.  at least one who asks questions to sound smart (know-it-all dumbasses)

3.  at least one who asks questions to sound smart, who end up looking stupid because it was covered in a previous lesson or in the reading (know-it-all major dumbasses)

4.  at least the rest of the group who want 1-3 to shut the hell up (ah the huddled mass)

This class is no different.  I teach 2 lessons and get everyone involved in somewhat of an academic conversation.  It can be fun. 

I just finished giving my second lesson and it was unusually fun because the 1-3 people, were in so many words told to shut the hell up, by the other students.  As the teacher it was quite a struggle to keep the shit-eating grin off my face, I didn’t, I failed at that. 

In any level of one’s education, we all experience that lesson.  Not what knowledge the teacher, professor, facilitator is trying to drop on you, but how to enjoy influence of the group.  It is great to see the system working at all levels of life.  And it works!

In the end, my students walked away with a greater understanding about US Government, NGOs, IO operations in Ethiopia and the security to know they can get away with putting a 1-3 person back in line. 

School is in session.