Yes, those would be the glorious washer and dryer Josh’s MOST generous parents got us as a wedding present.  I took this picture the day they were delivered.  They have improved my water and electric bill by not only eliminating the amount of water I use per load!  They have also allowed me to go from 6 to 7 loads every Saturday to a mere 3 loads!  1 for colors, 1 for whites and 1 for sheets and towels!  I definitely survived with my Mr. & Mrs. Roper to get me through, but these machines are a dream come true.  I just had to share!


A month ago today, I was married to one dreamy guy.  It was a perfect day, the sky was blue my closest family and friends were there to celebrate our day with us.  Since then I have learned a few things, to include:

1.  The non-stick pans you were supplied at your lake house/ honeymoon house are definitely not preferred for cooking eggs, even with seemingly a can of Pam.

2.  Indeed, you cannot cook with Pyrex on the cook-top of your lake house / honeymoon’s stove.  Shattered glass littered our eggs that morning. 

3.  Coming home from your honeymoon to a clean house is definitely a plus.

4.  Write thank you cards as soon as humanly possible…all finished!

5.  Hug your new Washer and Dryer every day.  Yes NEW washer and dryer, oh how I love them.  I have pictures but I have not uploaded them yet.  But, in case you are wondering, they are the sexy front load.  My loads of laundry have gone from 6 to 3 every Saturday morning.  My quality of life has increased exponentially!  A million thanks to my new Dad and Mom – In -Law. 

6.  It does feel different being married, I am really enjoying that feeling.

7.  It does feel weird saying Husband, or hearing Wife, but I like it.

8.  There are and continue to be questions about the spelling of the new last name.  Yep, I still need to get to Social Security to get it his name added to mine. 

9.  I find myself looking at my new bling, it is pleasantly distracting

10.  I can’t get enough pictures of the big day!  I can’t wait to see and post the ones from the photographer!

More to come folks, next week I will be in Hawaii for 3 weeks for work.  I will do my best to update with adventures from Waikiki.